Custom orders will be available approximately 8-12 weeks after an order is placed.

Barrel prices include origin trucking, railroad transport and ocean freight, insurance, European Union and Hungarian custom duties, port charges, bonds, examination and clearance charges, export-import and fumigation treatment, EU and US agricultural inspection costs, AMS, ISF filing and bond fees, random US Custom X-ray and thorough examination charges, freight company commission, authorized port pick up and domestic delivery/handling to our warehouse.

Shipping/Handling charges from our warehouses to your winery are not included, but we’ll be glad to arrange the lowest available cost for you, with a network of our freight companies.

Custom orders require 50% down-payment, otherwise payment is due before delivery.
Net 15 or other payment options available for our VIP customers.
All overdue invoices are subject to a 1.5% finance charge per month.

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