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European Oak Aims For Recognition

Article from the Wines & Vines Magazine

“…the main species in the forests of Hungary and the rest of central/Eastern Europe is good old Q. petraea, the same tree growing in higher status French forests. It would make as much sense to call this particular plant “Hungarian” oak as “French,”since as Sonny Kallai of Zemplén Barrels notes, most of the countries in the growing region were once part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire,before Hungary had the misfortune of being on the wrong side of one war after another…”

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Zemplen Barrels sponsors non-profit Animal rescue fundraiser

Article by John Shipe from the Wines & Vines Magazine

“…simply amazing people who worked their way up to creating their own oak wine barrel business: Zemplen Barrels…”

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Interview by Brad Johnson from Winedustry

“More and more winemakers realize in the United States that the Hungarian oak barrels are just as good as the much more expensive French barrels…”

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