Triumph of the Zemplén Oak

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At the 2015 Bordeaux Challenge International du Vin* competition the Hungarian wines won 64 medals, while the following 7 countries – Chile,  Australia, South Africa, United States, Canada, Germany, Austria  - all of them well known for their quality wine productions – were able to win only a combined of 63 medals together.

Although Hungary is a small country, around 1/100 the size of the USA, but according to the Decanter Wine Magazine, Hungarian wineries – every year – are taking home hundreds of medals and awards from world wide competitions.

The triumph of those wines are credited – not only to the skilled Hungarian winemakers or accommodating climates – but to the extraordinary quality and unique characteristics of the barrels, that are made from the Hungarian Zemplén-Tokaj Mountain Forest oak. No wonder these unique barrels – manufactured from the world finest Hungarian Zemplén Forest Sessile oak – are gaining popularity rapidly and demand for the barrels growing fast.

*The Bordeaux Challenge International du Vin, the largest international competition in France, one of the most important winemaker gathering each year in the world.
This highly professional event brings together more than 1,000 experienced judges for blind tasting of over 5,000 wines from more than 40 countries.