By Alan Kinne

“Over my career, I have used barrels from the best cooperages in the world. I consider the Hungarian Zemplén oak barrels to be among those. The quality of the workmanship and the subtly of the oak are as fine as my favorite French barrels. This is an artisanal cooperage that produces world-class barrels at very reasonable prices.”

ALAN KINNE – one of the most experienced and respected winemaker in the United States, over 30 years winemaking experience in Virginia, Oregon, California and New York State.

By Jennifer McCloud

“I’m impressed the consistent quality and outstanding craftsmanship of the Zemplén oak barrels. These Hungarian barrels meticulously made and have shown excellent performance in oak barrel trials we’ve conducted. Many vinifera varieties grown in Virginia have an elegant, delicate character that can often be overwhelmed by American oak. The Zemplén oak lets these more subtle grape flavors and aromatics come through quite harmonized, producing very desirable results.

I am definitely satisfied with the results of these quality Hungarian barrels. I have more expensive French and other Hungarian made oak barrels that are perhaps produced in larger quantities, and that are more well-known. But the Hungarian Zemplén barrels is a real find, and will play a significant role in our winemaking program moving forward.”

JENNIFER McCLOUD - proprietor
Chrysalis Vineyard Middleburg, Virginia

By Michael Crew

“For me, the barrels made from the Hungarian Zemplén oak are the same or better than French oak at 1/2 the price.”

Michael Crew winemaker
Chateau Crew, California

By Sandor Mayer

“I have been using Hungarian Zemplén oak barrels since early 1980’s. The performance of these oak barrels is superior, simple faboulos. They are the best value on the market for your money!”

SANDOR MAYER – one of the most experienced winemakers in Canada
Over 30 years winemaking experience in Hungary, Austria and Canada.